Gigi’s back to her curious and friendly self

Gigi’s back to her curious and friendly self

Antinol Team

By Antinol Team

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Gigi the clinic mascot

14-yr-old Gigi has been the clinic mascot for so long that no one remembers the first day. The Domestic Short Hair’s experience with Antinol started when Dr. Chuang saw a case study trial programme by Antinol® in 2021. Diagnosing Gigi with Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) who was on another joint supplement, Dr. Chuang Han Ting decided to switch her to Antinol®.

“Gigi’s lameness in her left hindlimb and right forelimb restricts her movements. She has extreme difficulty jumping up and down. She used to like jumping up on the chairs and watching other patients in the waiting room. Now she doesn’t really do that at all. She also needs to climb up and down the stairs with great effort and hesitation. She keeps showing signs of pain during the day and she doesn’t let us touch her anymore,” said Dr. Chuang.

“Gigi definitely needs more rest and avoiding jumping. We hope that with weight control and Antinol® twice a day, her condition can be improved.”

At the first 7 days started with Antinol, Gigi had mild improvement. Although her general activity was still less than active, she showed less signs of stiffness or limpness, even better, she showed signs of pain less frequently, simply a few a week.

Dr. Chuang was delighted with the results, “At least we are able to pat her now. We can obviously see some changes from her behaviours. She is quite an expressive cat. Her ears appear less slightly flattened as before.”

After 28 days, which was the end of the case study trial, Dr. Chuang was thrilled to find out that Gigi did not show any signs of pain anymore.

“She is now walking and running! She rises to stand from lying down and she returns to stretching. She still has some hesitation when jumping and climbing up and down but her situation has really improved. From time to time, she started using the slope we prepared for her to sit down on the chair and interact with other patients. She’s back to the curious and friendly old cat she used to be.”

Disclaimer: These stories are for informational purposes only. The information is not a substitute for expert veterinary care. Stories are written by the Antinol team based on real interviews conducted with the pet parents and represent their own observations. These observations are not guaranteed, are not medically substantiated, and may not be typical for other pets.

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